Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tradition - Captain Ganja & The Space Patrol

oh my science, this album is just out of this planetary system. synths, horns, vocals, space echo literally, jah jah, water samples, arpeggiators, cosmic dust, nature and reverb. one of the most unique and abstract dub albums that i`ve come into contact with. it was released in 1980 so its got some soul/r&b influences.

sorry, badongo sucks.

p.s. check out the mixing/recording engineer.


  1. This album is so good!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh hell yeah! Tasty!

  3. De que el 4to track no te suena como un salsaDub. JA! ... está demente este disco.

  4. Yep, still one of the best dub reggae albums I've ever heard... Whoever's got the master tapes, please remaster and release on CD. Please!! I've got it on vinyl and it goes snap, crackle, pop now... :(