Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fushitsusha - A Little Longer Thus

A record that directly affects your synapses, making electrical impulse and biological rhythm go haywire. Don't listen to it in altered states or you'll pay dearly.

"On another cathartic exploration of the outer regions of noise rock, Japanese guitarist Keiji Haino leads his trio into untouched territories of noise and abstraction. The Fushitsusha sound picks up on the tail-end freak-outs that closed songs by Blue Cheer, the Stooges, MC5, and the like and uses them as launching pads for free-form mantras that touch on Cecil Taylor and John Coltrane on their way to the center of the sun. Little Longer Thus is one of the darker and more oblique recordings of the Tokyo group, and is surprisingly produced in a pragmatic high fidelity that surpasses previous albums Pathetique and A Death Never to Be Completed. While Fushitsusha can produce the effect of hearing the group playing at excessive volume in another neighborhood, hearing the group captured in studio reveals extraordinary detail in their interplay. Avant-garde, experimental, noise, and psychedelic rock are terms often thrown around Keiji Haino and Fushitsusha, yet no genre definition comes close to describing the invention and uniqueness of this group." - Skip Jansen

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