Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camberwell Now - All`s Well

This Heat ended their musical experiments with their album Repeat. Well, actually, the John Peel sessions and other live bootlegs surfaced the music world years later. But after ending This Heat, drummer Charles Hayward and bassist Trefor Goronwy joined their former sound technician Stephen Rickard who brought with him a "tape switchboard" that made sure the stage they were playing sounded exactly like the recording studio. The lineup? drums, bass, keys and... umm.. a sound engineer? sounds pretty interesting huh? it sure is.

bitchin` nice.


  1. Repeat? Perhaps you mean Deceit, Pachius. In any case, great post, Camberell ranks among Charles' best work.

    sandunga cat

  2. hmmmm

    los discos de this heat son:
    this heat, deceit y repeat que fue en el 1993.

    ah diablo es claro, ese disco de repeat salió despues de camberwell now.

  3. The Repeat tracks were recorded in 1979-80, before Deceit. It wasn't a new album, just unearthed tracks from Cold Storage.

  4. health and efficency ep