Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dr. John - Babylon

Mac Rebennack's most demented album. Overshadowed by the epochal "Gris Gris", but in my opinion this one beats it with its sheer sonic chutzpah. The true otherwordly sound of a haunted, magickal city. Glorious heat-warped psychedelics from N'awlins.

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  1. Just sitting listening to this album after much LSD and my friend has fallen has been a beautiful night and very mellow...but nevertheless I had to check three times how to spell beautiful, so you get the idea....but FUCK WHAT WERE THESE PEOPLE ON I think I know, and wholeheatedly approve. Thank you world, thank you psychedelics, thank you

  2. Greetings from Vermont...sounds like I should share this particular listening experience. Thank you...