Friday, March 6, 2009


For Uzi-El descendant of Krypton:
"The Austin, Texas-based Spoon began as an indie rock band heavily influenced by the jarring melodic dissonance and loud-soft dynamics of the Pixies, but by the early 2000s had developed its own sound and style owing as much to angular British punk-era bands like Wire and Gang of Four as to the music of the Nineties alternative boom. The band is known as much for its heroic perseverance in the face of major-label abandonment when it became a mainstream success after moving back to an independent record label." -[Rolling Stone]

Telephono. ('96)

A Series of Sneaks. ('98)

Girls can tell. ('01)

Kill The Moonlight.('02)

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Theres a reason why I skipped gimme fiction.


  1. why? why did you skip it? cannot figure out what people do not like about the album. not their best, but still on average better than 96% of rock (indie or otherwise) out there.

  2. haha its just one of those albums i keep skipping songs until i find a good one and suddenly realize the record is over.

  3. thanks allot! im still at telephono.

    as soon as i got back home i downloaded that, now i can download the rest of them from here.

    what did you skip?