Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Screaming Females in Puerto Rico!

Thursday April 2nd
DJ Spik Jagger
Modern Hut
Screaming Females
@Nuestro Son, Rio Piedras
Friday April 3rd
Saturday April 4th
Hay Silencio
Modern Hut
Screaming Females
El Local, Santurce

"Only one of the Screaming Females is female, and she generally sings as much as she screams. But truth-in-advertising standards generally don't apply to punk bands, so these discrepancies haven't slowed the trio on the road to underground popularity.

The star of the band is guitarist Marissa Paternoster; aside from being the designated screaming female, she pulls out the stops on scorching guitar solos in nearly every song. She's not afraid to get down and toy with her effects pedals, at times making a cacophonous clatter a la Sonic Youth, but ultimately her trick is straight-up guitar-hero stuff. The Females' rhythm section consists of bassist Mike Rickenbacker and drummer Jarrett Dougherty, holding down danceable post-punk beats behind songs that range from blues-derived to nearly disco-like, echoing The Slits in their more dub-influenced days." -ANDY MULKERIN

Im pretty excited about this.

Dont tell Eloy.

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  1. nice. ese video inspira pa` moverse por ahi.
    a tocarle!