Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Beets - Spit On The Face Of People Who Don't Want To Be Cool

Well, thanks to that virus my PC caught courtesy of the PC's in my school I had to reformat my computer and thus erasing EVERYTHING in it, yes painfully including my music, all of IT. So now coming out of a music uploading time freeze and rehashing my music library I want to present to you, The Beets from Brooklyn NY. Found out about these dudes while attending an after party continuing a drunken binge after seeing the migthy Reigning Sound and fellow friends from Davila 666. One of the guys in the band gave a cd to my girlfriend while I was in the bar gettin another free beer and she tryin not to pass out (nice try, bub). Didn't get to hear the cd until we reached PR, while listening to it back in the island i thought to myself "wow, not to shabby in fact not bad at all". Now musicwise these guys have an affinity for garage very noticeable but not your over the top screaming incoheriencies garage they have a more twangy an catchy laid back approach. 


  1. aaaa iiii uuuuuu
    killer tooofuuuu!

  2. hahahahha

    que que!!! lo mejor!!! Doug!!!!

    pero en serio, esta gente ta chevere

    Son de Jackson Heights though