Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bruce Spring - Born to Fuck

Just like Cat said about Bowie's Low I say the same about this record, everyone should own it. Romanticism at it's finest. Let's get the fuck out of this place.

The Boss is one of the few musicians who can make a 4 minute song sound like an epic and there are a lot in this album. E.G. Thunder Road which contains some of the best lines in rock history.

P.S. I changed the title so they won't erase this even if they probably will. It already happened with Nebraska which is another Bruce masterpiece everyone should own.

P.S.S Fuck you if you think you're too cool to listen to Springs....ehhh.


  1. "P.S.S Fuck you if you think you're too cool to listen to Springs....ehhh."

    - truer words never spoken!

    I'm sure you've checked The Promise...

  2. Thanks and yeah of course I've checked it out. He's like Dylan who still puts out incredible records despite being old and having been around for ages.

  3. Massively over-produced. Fuck me, I don't like Rumours either.

    I do, however, appreciate your work

  4. He was going for that larger than life, multi layerd, Phil-Spector inspired sound in some tracks. I guess you can qualify that as over produced if you want. It still works for me.