Monday, October 4, 2010

Qa`a - Chi`en

a couple of months ago we got an email from some dude saying "I see you got some this heat in this blog. check out this band, its got some this heat influence with some krautness". its a band from Barcelona and it definitely has some of those this heat soundscapes and a couple of grooves that remind me of can.

especially the one called speakerbox.


  1. Hey guy. You should at least upload the stuff you get from me to another link. My site isn't quite as popular as yours so it becomes really obvious when someone else is using my files. Not trying to be a dick but I just want an accurate measurement of who's getting things directly from me.


  2. mangao. no seas tan vago o'hoolihans.

  3. In this page you can download the Chi'en album

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