Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kevin Ayers

I've been slightly obsessed with Ayers work for the past couple of years, not to mention the oeuvre of his Canterbury peers. His whimsical style never ceases to amaze and his body of work holds up strong after 15+ albums and 35+ years. A true magnate of music history. Here I've compiled the majority of his later albums, If you're new to this cat's music I suggest you start at the beggining with Joy Of A Toy, one of the first albums I posted here actually.


Kevin Ayers & The Whole World - Shooting At The Moon (1970)

(Live) Holland 7-30-70

Sweet Deceiver (1975)

Yes We Have No Mañanas So Get Your Mañanas Today (1976)

Odd Ditties (1976)

Rainbow Takeaway (1978)

That's What You Get Babe (1980)

Deja Vu (1984)

Falling UP (1988)

Still Life With Guitar (1992)

The Unfairground (2007)

As an added bonus a recent interview with Ayers conducted at Radio Bremen.

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  1. Im still missing a few that arent listed here, if anyone has a link for me it'd be greatly appreciated.

  2. Have a boot called Colours of the Day, mostly live in Holland 1970 if you are interested? Thanx for these tho!

  3. Wow thanks so much Mona!!!
    I love the offkilter and spastic versions of these songs, cant get enough of the guy.

  4. This is very nice. Thanks for this.

  5. Thanks so much for this smorgasboard of surreal sonic sensations...
    had the early albums way back in the 70s but we parted ways when he went mor..or did he? WiIl have fun delving though the later stuff.. it's a pity that his collaborators went on to have more financial success(David Bedford,MIke Oldfield, Andy Summers etc;) than Kevin ever did.
    But he preferred the bohemian lifestyle and his mantra was always; "So, let's drink some wine, And have a good time, ..."
    GOd Bless Him
    Goma SOma III

  6. many thanks from urkenny - never been able to find the deia vu 'til now!

  7. I have those albums and more in records, then cds when they came out. He was very hard finding here in Florida. I am into Roxy, Lou Reed, Sparks, etc. in those times...should have lived in England!

  8. I surfed here looking for Ayers talking in Spanish about Oldfield Tubular Bells of the 70's seems to have been lost in cyberspace.

  9. If you find em hit me back with the links please!!!