Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sir Richard Bishop - While My Guitar Violently Bleeds (2007)

Yet another amazing 2007 release.

"This is an essential document by one of America's most original and inventive unaccompanied guitarists
working today. "While My Guitar Violently Bleeds" is a splendid three piece gem in which the good Sir
branches out & nods to points west, east & otherworldly. Classic spaghetti western tinged spidery fretwork
("Zurvan"), Fushitsusha style feedback drenched psych decay ("Smashana") and a brilliant lengthy raga
epic ("Mahavidya") round out the proceedings by the Sun City Girls master musician."

"Bishop creates abstract and dissonant fingerstyle webs that evoke those famous LSD experiments with spiders and he stretches
out in long raga-influenced improvisations that accelerate into flatpicked furies." -Acoustic Guitar

i'm so smart now

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  1. Great Album, possibly my favourite
    I'd recommend his limited cdrs the vault recording I-III
    got them here a few days ago