Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Lava Children - S/T

as soon as I started listening to this album I knew it had to be a chasmfiller. a Los Angeles based band with a taste for folkness and darkness at the same time. if Jim Morrison were alive, he would probably love this band. have a good trip.

"If awesome were a word, and life were worth living, then this band would be amazing. Well awesome is a word, and life for the most part is worth living, so this band fucking rocks. Los Angeles is where they call home, but their music feels so different from the sun and warmth of their surroundings. They create eerie masterpieces that bring about feelings of nostalgia. It makes me want to play with a Ouija board while eating ice cream with sprinkles or walk my dog into the middle of the woods and tell it a ghost story. I can only suggest listening to their music the way in which I first did. Go to your room right now. Turn off all the lights. If you have any plants in your house please drag them into your room (this will enhance the experience). Now sit back and let the music overwhelm you. Get ready to see everything that haunted you as a child. Then be prepared to love it, for you will be dancing and playing Candyland with all your fears in mere seconds. God bless?" - FATHER HUMMINGBIRD from BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW

weird is good.