Thursday, May 21, 2009

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

TG's most accessible work, in which the electronics and sound treatments served song frameworks and short structures. It's still a haunting, harsh piece of work, and one of their most influential in regards to future popular electronic music movements and genres.

"It's a break in the clouds from Throbbing Gristle's pummeling noise and a first glimpse at the continuing pop influence on the TG/PTV axis, but 20 Jazz Funk Greats still isn't best described by its title. If there is such a thing as a funky Throbbing Gristle LP, however, this could well be it. "Hot on the Heels of Love," "Still Walking" and "Six Six Sixties" add only occasional bits of distortion between the rigid sequencer lines. 20 Jazz Funk Greats is the best compromise between TG's early industrial aesthetic and the reams of industrial-dance and dark synth-pop groups that used the album as a stepping stone to crossover appeal." - John Bush

Crystal Castles tours the nostalgia circuit in 2029 with a cloned Air Supply

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