Friday, November 26, 2010

Arthur Verocai - Encore

after recording his debut self titled album which took a lot of patience and love, arthur was not pleased with the public reception of his album. he got heavily depressed and decided to call it quits and start making jingles for Brazilian commercials to make ends meet. after 30+ years he decided to make a comeback. he has only 2 albums in his catalog and he does not even have a wikipedia article. still truly unnoticed.

fuck yeah for comebacks.


  1. Dude, Verocai is a friggin genius at arranging, everything his fingers touched sounds incredible!! Good lookin' out! I'm sure you have it already, but another breathtaking album closer in sound to Verocai's first from '72 is Marcos Valle - Vento Sul, spacey and super-heady
    Keep up the good work brothers!

  2. Subelo a mediafire, que megaupload deactivo por alguna razon.