Monday, September 20, 2010

Burning Spear - Social Living

a classic roots album filled with awesome harmonic explorations and praises to marcus garvey. this was one of the first reggae albums that i bought when i was in highschool and still it sounds like a timeless achievement in jah music. light one up and give thanks.


  1. it's amazing how many of your links are just lifted from other blogs. totally pathetic

  2. ooooooooo
    the first trash talk for the record!

    I for one put em up on Mediafire. you should do the same for the sake of cred and convenience.

  3. Listen anon, you non contribuiting asshole, even if what you're claiming is true the entire point of blogs like this is to share music from these artists. We don't own the music, neither do you and neither do the other blogs that might also upload shit to mediafire or whatever.

    If someone wants to take a link that I personally uploaded and put it on their website I don't have a problem because it means that the music of the artist that I like is spreading. It also only takes a few minutes to accomplish so it's not like uploading a fucking file is the equivalent of building a pyramid.

    I don't care, and if your life is so devoid of action that you feel the need to complain about something so miniscule I suggest you go out, get laid and then maybe you won't come to blogs, who just want to share stuff we like, with a self righteous cuntish attitude.

    Go fuck yourself.

  4. ahahahahaha Mr. Diaz tellin it like it is.

  5. like 95% of the albums I post on this blog are links from other blogs. I admit it completely. do I care? no. would I care if someone does the same with the links I upload myself? not at all.

    like alex says, the point of this blog is sharing music we like with the people around us. this is not a competition, just shared information.

  6. oh and I am going to keep using links from other blogs.

    and if the author (?) of the uploaded content is not amused by it, I will kindly take it down.

  7. Gee, what's harder, crediting another blog for the content you obviously swiped (in this case ) or downloading said content from another blog, replicating the post w/ some uninspired words, re-upping their rip to your file-hoster & passing it off as your own? Too bad none of the information you claim to be 'sharing' is like where the fuck the rip originally came from & who did the all the work for you sorry, hypocritical slags. And it's a well known fact that bloggers get no pussy. My girlfriend calls that projection you rectal chasm fillers

  8. whatever dude, you are obviously missing the whole point.

    have a great life.

  9. Swiping what you fucking taint? We don't own any of the rights to the music and neither do you. That's the entire point. What work? The work of spending 3 minutes loading a file? Of course if you still have dial-up I feel bad for you since it's obvious you aren't getting pussy right now, even if you claim to have some cunt girlfriend aka your hand, and you can't even watch porn since it probably takes 2 days to load a 5 minute movie. No wonder you're so mad about something so irrelevant as sharing a fucking LINK, get that????, on a website who's entire purpose is to share.

    If your penis feels huge simply because you happen to be the one to click a couple of links on mediafire next time I copy paste something from a different blog I'll be sure to credit it to "the biggest pathetic fucking cunt in the world who has a life devoid of any action whatsoever and feels the need to stroke his tiny ego by posting anonimously on blogs with a self righteous attitude bigger than your "girlfriend's" cock.

  10. I say shoot this motherfucker down!

    I mean the other Anonymus fuck.

  11. Que pasa patchy? Si un huelebicho viene a criticarnos por la peor razon que he escuchado en mi vida se merece todo el odio que podamos darle.

    Thank you second anon.

  12. hell hath no fury like Alex scorned.

  13. hehe rectal chasm fillers. that was funny

  14. Wow what a ridiculous self-righteous asshole. I wonder is anon even the actual author of that blog or just some retarded troll that reads said blog and was personally insulted to see his beloved authors -illegal- shared link on some other blog.

    "downloading said content from another blog, replicating the post w/ some uninspired words, re-upping their rip to your file-hoster & passing it off as your own?"

    Passing it off as your own? Seriously? Where does that claim come from? I'm sorry, I guess everyone forgot to cite FUCKING LINKS APA Style

    What a fucking crybaby. My recommendation? Johnson & Johnsons shampoo no more tears.

  15. this is the most comments you faggots have ever gotten on a post you fucking sperm eating slags. thanks for the free music bitch

  16. The Rastafarians would not approve.

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