Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yuca Tapes.

Surveying humid interzones between free improv, merengue, musique concrete, dub, cracked Manati sidewalks, warm Keystones, L & M cigarettes, 1st generation antipsychotics, Echoplexes, Grand Puma Masters, Mr. Pincho and the Miguel Cotto Republic, Yuca Tapes is devoted to releasing junkyard cultural artifacts from the depths of the Rican Parcelas and Barrios where people stage cockfights in their lawns for their own amusement and still celebrate Candelaria Day. Our first release in digital form is this borischizo effort by Mu., aka Nomar Diaz the pride of Sector Quemados and the Maria Cadilla High School. Also a compilation of jam tapes from defunct marquesina Can-obsessed psychonauts Flow Notion, Arecibo represent. Capéalo. More to come oh soon soon...

La terraza boricua