Thursday, February 25, 2010

Team Teamwork's - Ocarina Of Rhyme + Vinyl Fantasy 7

Here are two video game remix mash ups from the genius minds of team teamwork. Featuring music from Koji Kondo from Zelda and Mario Bros franchises, and from Nobou Uematsu composer for most of the Final Fantasy titles. This is the freshest thing on the net right now.
The tracks in no album order in specific are featured the likes of artists like:
Jay-Z, MF Doom, Ghostface, Clipse, Spank Rock, Mike Jones, Aesop Rock, Kool Keith & Tom Waits just to name a few...


  1. told you nigga, been rockin' this for like a month

  2. Creating music using video games like these is perfect because I like so much video games, so my expectations are listening music from the video game I mean like a kind of soundtrack in order don't loosing the real essence.

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  4. Awesome videos, indeed these are some great games from those years.