Friday, April 24, 2009

Daevid Allen - Australia Aquaria/She

Seeing as we are knee-deep in Gong, I might as well bring out some Allen.

"Widely (and deservedly) regarded as the album that confirmed Daevid Allen's return to action at the end of his somewhat disheveled 1980s, Australia Aquaria is also the record that reaffirmed his own faith in the sounds and textures that made his earliest Gong work so fabulous. Rich in melody and sentiment (the gentle "She" is all but a universal love song) and drenched in moods that swing from ethereal to majestic, the album does not put one foot wrong -- a claim that Allen supporters had not truly been able to make since midway through the Planet Gong trilogy. Song lengths are especially impressive, generally ranging between seven and 14 minutes (the epic title track), but never outstaying their welcome. In fact, the only disappointment is that the album slipped past so unnoticed when it was first released."[AMG]


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