Sunday, February 15, 2009

DJ/Rupture & Andy Moor - Patches

Rupture continues his winning streak with yet another brilliant record that's an early contender for one of the best albums of 09'. This one's a collaboration with guitarist Andy Moor of the anarcho-punk, noise, industrial, improv, freak jazz, band The Ex. Moor's experimental style (check out his collaborations with Sonic Youth) works well with Rupture's textures.

Moor's playing never overshadows or takes over any song. It perfectly compliments everything that's going on with Earth-esque desolate repetitions, looped sound-scapes, distorted riffs or just overall ambience. Rupture adds his rhythms and familiar samples to the mix creating a unique blend.

Like most of Rupture's stuff there are so many sounds that pegging it to one specific style is impossible. Elements of dubstep, noise, electronica, experimental hip hop, avant garde, world music, and even post rock stand out.

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